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The Company

The Renaissance Workshop Company Ltd. (RWC) is the world’s largest specialist manufacturer of historical instruments for early music, all based on existing originals or relevant iconography,  meticulously researched and handmade in our own workshops by a small team of dedicated craftsmen who have many years experience.

The Renaissance Workshop Company is justly proud of its wide range of historically accurate musical instruments, covering mediaeval, renaissance and baroque periods, representing over 1000 years of European musical history and culture. (more)



The Catalogue

RWC manufactures, for historical performance, a wide range of faithful reproductions of mediaeval, renaissance and baroque musical instruments including keyboards (clavichords, harpsichords, spinets, organs…), stringed instruments (harps, fiddles, lutes, viols, hurdy-gurdies, psalteries, guitars…), windcaps (crumhorns, cornamusen, bagpipes…), natural reeds (curtals, bassoons, racketts, shawms, sordunes…), brasswinds (natural trumpets) and percussion (drums, timpanies, tabors, nakers, timbrels…) (more)



New Projects

We are engaged with early music and early music instruments. But developing a new project or instrument is quite costly. We do not want to make replicas of any instrument but only of the world best instruments. That implies paying copyrights, study the originals, getting the specific materials and tools, generate all the product documentation, making the prototypes, testing them by expert musicians, etc.

Now you can collaborate and participate in deciding which new products we should develop in the next future. (more)




The company's success is mainly due to its founder Jonathan Askey.
Mr. Askey has been involved in running the early music business since he joined J. Wood & Sons Ltd. back in 1972. He managed Woods Bradford music shop, 'The Early Music Shop' for many years and helped to… (more)



Finished, Kit or Plan?

If you want to compare the advantages and disadvantages of these three forms of getting an instrument or if you doubt if you will get a good instrument from a kit, please, read this article.

Baroque bassoon
Kit: n/a
ƒ 2755



We have linked a page with the best selection of books about musical instruments (manufacturing, performance, history, collections, etc.)

Kit: n/a
ƒ 338



The new shop in Spain is an attainable paradise for the early music enthusiast who is offered with the complete range of instruments made in our own workshops and a selection of mediaeval, renaissance and baroque musical instruments, accessories and early music kits from makers from all over the world. (See Contact)


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7 course lute
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single manual harpsichord
We pride ourselves in the quality of our work. Our craftsmen work in our own workshops to produce the parts for all our instruments, each one being carefully hand built to the highest standards.
We supply these same top quality parts in our instrument kits and show you how to build the instrument of your choice
. (more)
Crumhorn & Crumhorn kits
We are so confident in the design of each of our kits that we are certain you will make a good instrument. (more)


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