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Purchase Terms

Before Ordering you should consult and agree the General Terms of Purchase

Your order is considered firm since you send this Order Form, but you can modify or even cancel it later on. If you cancel your order, all the taken money will be refunded except the costs of services provided by third parties as product shipping, money transfer, etc.

You can fill the Order Form below and send it directly from this page (the grey fields are mandatory) or
you can download it, print it out and send it by fax, post or email
(see our addresses). The downloadable Order Form is available in Acrobat Reader format (.pdf) and several languages: (English) (Español)

Order Form

Copyright and Licence
REMEMBER: You are buying a product consisting of some objects and some information with a licence of use. YOU ARE NOT BUYING OR HIRING THE COPYRIGHT. This means that you cannot use those objects or that information to copy them for commercial purposes. The licence that comes with every kit and every drawing, allows you to build only one instrument for personal use and no more. Only if you are a 'RWC Authorized Building Workshop' you can trade with this instrument obtained from the kit or drawing, otherwise it has to be built for personal use. You cannot hide the origin and the manufacturer and you cannot delete or remove the marks of RWC.

Read the Complete Copyright Preventions and Licence Terms.

Your Coordinates
Please, check that the address is correct and complete. If we have to incur in extra costs for delivery, we will charge them to you.

  Delivery Address  
  Town     Postal Code
  State     Country
  Billing Address
(if different)
Payment Options
(Please, see the details and pros and cons of each one. Note that not all the methods and currencies will have the same cost for you)

All products are subject to availability at the prices quoted. It is our policy not to charge in advance for any item which is not already in stock. If you choose to pay with credit card you can send the details now because payment will not be taken until the order is ready for dispatch. Items can be reserved at the prices quoted paying a returnable* deposit of 50%.
 * Except for the bank charges.

Do not send any money or cheque if we have not confirmed your order and give instructions about the payment.

      GBP   EURO   discount
  Cash (if you are booking a product to be picked up in our showroom)       -4.0%
  Bank Transfer (see our bank details)         -5.0%
  PayPal (You don't need to have a PayPal account. When confirming the order, we will send a link to do the payment)          
  Credit Card (If chosen, do not forget to complete below the details) Not available at present         -3.5%
  Money Order (see the details)         -3.0%
  Cash on Delivery (Only possible for small amounts and some destinations)          
  Cheque (Only if drawn on a bank with an Spanish address)          

Errors and omissions excepted, you are ordering what is described in writing in the product pages of this website. Remember that pictures cannot exactly correspond to the described product.

  Qty.   Ref.   Product   Price exVAT    
        RWC   [a]
        RWC   [b]
        RWC   [c]
        RWC   [d]

If you are ordering more than four products, please use the comment box below.


Goods Subtotal

  RWC   [E] = |a| + |b| + |c| + |d|

DISCOUNT Code      %         

  RWC   [f] = - (% /100)  x |E|  {if applicable}


  RWC   [g]


  RWC   [J] = |E| - |f| + |g|


  RWC   [K] = 0.21 x |J|  {in the UE-VAT Area}
[K] = 0  {otherwise}


  RWC   [L] = |J| + |K|
  We will charge you only one of the amounts below, according with the currency selected above.
If you need to know the prices in any other currency, please consult the exchange rates and payment options.
          1RWC = 1.725 EUROS


  EURO   [M] = 1.725 x |L|
          1RWC = 1.585 GBP


  GBP   [N] = 1.585 x |L|
Credit Card details
Please, debit my following credit card. Not available at present
  Type (Visa, Mastercard, etc) Sorry, at present we cannot debit American Express cards (Amex)  
  Card holder (as it appears in the card)  
  Number (Substitute half of the digits or more with X's following our secure 2-message system)  
  Expiry date (Complete only the year and leave the month as XX following our secure 2-message system)  
  Card Security code (What is this?)  
  Card address (where you receive the statements of the card. Only if different from the billing address)  

1- If you are using our secure two-message system we do not process your order until you send us the second message with the missing details.
2- You can be required to send a copy (or scanned image) of both sides of the card and an Identity Document (passport, driving license, etc.)

Remember that the product that you are ordering can be out of stock. In such case, after receiving the order we will communicate the estimated dispatching date. If you are in a hurry, please contact us before putting the order. Unless you specify otherwise, we choose a quick, economic and secure service to ship your order. Alternatively, choose and tick as appropriate:

  use the selected quick but economic service at the maximum prices published in this website
  use an express service and charge the difference

Back Orders
Any item out of stock will be back ordered and sent if it becomes available in the following two months. Alternatively, choose and tick as appropriate:

  back order during two months
  if you would prefer a refund
  do not wish to have items on back order

Multi-item Delivery
If you are ordering several items with different availabilities you will be charged individual dispatch costs for each item unless you request them to be held and sent together.

  held and send together
  charge individual dispatch costs as each item becomes available

Only for your eyes:
Sorry, we need to check that you are a human being. This is because there are in the internet many machines that automatically fill the forms with spam and send them many times blocking the email service.
Please, copy the arithmetical result in the Control Box:
1230 + five = . Example: 1270 + five = 1275

Copyright and Licence Agreement
I have read, understood and agreed the Complete Copyright Preventions which summary can be found at the beginning of this form.
(Only if you write 'YES' in capital letters in the box above your order will be processed)

If something seems to fail, check the mandatory grey fields.

Do you find too complicated this form to be filled or to find out the exact amount of your order?. Do not hesitate to contact us giving details of the products, destination, promotional discount and other relevant data and we will send you the figures ready to enter them in the form.


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