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The Renaissance Workshop Company Ltd. (RWC) is the world’s largest specialist manufacturer of historical instruments for early music, all based on existing originals or relevant iconography, meticulously researched and handmade in our own workshops by a small team of dedicated craftsmen who have many years experience.

RWC manufactures, for historical performance, a wide range of faithful reproductions of mediaeval, renaissance and baroque musical instruments and instrument kits including keyboards, stringed instruments, windcaps, natural reeds, brasswinds and percussion. (See the RWC Product Catalogue)

The new shop in Spain is an attainable paradise for the early music enthusiast who is offered with the complete range of instruments made in our own workshops and a selection of early music instruments, accessories and early music kits from makers from all over the world. (See Contact)

The Renaissance Workshop Company is justly proud of its wide range of historically accurate musical instruments, covering mediaeval, renaissance and baroque periods, representing over 1000 years of European musical history and culture.

RWC is not only an Early Music workshop making musical Instruments to the highest standards, the company has saved many rare and some relatively unknown instruments from extinction and is one of the main figures in popularizing the use of replicas of Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque instruments for historical performance. The Renaissance Workshop Company, with an acute sense of what is required to make outstanding instruments, has  developed instruments based on known and respected historical originals and produces them, using both traditional and high precision engineering techniques, to a standard which is considered the reference by musicians and its commercial competitors.

What makes the Renaissance Workshop Company Ltd. unique however is that the same range of Early Music instruments are offered to customers either complete or in kit form for home assembly. Each kit provides all the parts for you to build the instrument and has been designed for ease of assembly. Most do not assume any prior knowledge or experience of instrument making. The company even organises kit-building courses, designed to be as much fun as they are instructive

Although many kits are sold to aficionados, the company supplies to connoisseurs of mediaeval, renaissance and baroque music throughout the world, and has established a strong export base to Europe, Japan and the United States. RWC has really contributed to the take off of the sales of early music instruments world-wide.

The Renaissance Workshop Company catalogue is vast. The majority of components for the instruments are held in stock, so we can make them in shorter time.

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