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We know that there are many websites looking serious companies that actually are a scam. Most of them offer renown products at cheap prices and do not provide a reliable contact information.

We do not want you to be suspicious about the Renaissance Workshop Company and that's why we publish all our contact and legal details. Behind our website, there is a team of people working in different places with the common objective of provide you with the best replicas or early music instruments, finished and in kit form.


Our shop in Spain is an attainable paradise for the early music enthusiast who is offered with the complete range of instruments made in our own workshops and a selection of mediaeval, renaissance and baroque musical instruments, accessories and early music kits from makers from all over the world.

We are making improvements. Should you like visiting us, please email us for an appointment so that we can service you in due course.


We are continuously improving our website.
Our definitive locator (URL) is but temporarily can be unavailable or redirected to another one. Please, take it into account and if you link, make a reference or add our website to your favourites: always use


formerly the early music shop's workshop
Please bear in mind that while we read them, we do not expect to have time to respond to all e-mails.

Phone & Fax

Although we do not always have the answers, we will do our best to steer you in the right direction.

Country United Kingdom Spain
Phone Not available (+34) 91 450 30 50. If you phone us, you should be prepared to find an answering machine. Do not forget to speak slowly and clearly record your name and phone number so that we can contact you as soon as possible.


Fax Not available Not available. Please use the email.. As a general rule, we prefer to be contacted by email. It happens quite often that the reception quality is not very good and some information is missed.


The Renaissance Workshop Company is a limited company registered and based in the UK. It is now part of a Spanish group called Masterkit.

Please, note that in the group headquarters you will find an administrative office where we can receive mail, but we cannot serve the public.

Country United Kingdom Spain  
Company name Renaissance Workshop Company Ltd. Masterkit / RWC  
Address   c/ Viella 8. 28040 Madrid. Spain  


We produce most of the parts of our instruments in our main workshop located in an industrial state near Toledo (Spain). Please, note that this is a working environment and we cannot serve the public there.

Country United Kingdom Spain  
Company name   Renaissance Workshop Company Ltd.  
Address   c/ Artesanía 4. Pol. Ind 'Las Atalayas'. Crtra A-42 km 47. 45529 Yuncler (Toledo). Spain  

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