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You know that we are engaged to early and folk music. For years, we have reduced the complexity of getting one of these historical instruments, pursuing the dream of "a proper musical instrument in every home". Because it is such a niche market, we are determined to tend more people towards it and have decided to diversify by embracing more musical instruments at more affordable prices. Nevertheless, we do not want to make cheaper instruments reducing their quality in materials or labour, as many others do. We want for you only superior replicas of the best and most desired musical instruments around the world.

Developing a new instrument or replica, whether finished or as a kit, is quite costly and time consuming. It entails the payment of copyrights, study the originals, getting the specific materials and tools, generate all the product documentation, making the prototypes, testing them by expert musicians, make changes and iterate once and again until its perfect.

The following projects reflect our effort to do something we love but all of them have been brought to life thinking of people like you.

Your opinion and help is very important. You can collaborate in deciding which new projects and how we are tackling them in the next future. You only have to dream of what you would like to have and support its development. We offer exclusive, smart, fun and tangible rewards. Take a peek around and see what we're talking about.

vihuela guadalupe

Spanish Vihuela
The Spanish Vihuela (viola da mano in Italy and Portugal) is a guitar-like string instrument, usually with six double-strings made of gut, in common use in the 15th and 16th centuries.

There were several types of vihuela (or different playing methods at least): 'vihuela de mano' (with the fingers), 'vihuela de péñola' (with a plectrum) and 'vihuela de arco' (with a bow) which is the ancestor of the viol (viola da gamba).

The renaissance Spanish vihuela faded away, along with the complex polyphonic music that was its repertoire, in the late 16th century. Much of the vihuela's place, role, and function was taken up by the subsequent baroque guitar.



Status: 35%


Limit: Dec 30, 2019



Anyone can research and build one of the larger theorbos, but it will be time consuming, complex, confusing, difficult for beginners and expensive. We have brought professional theorbo kits down to the beginner lutherie level and a better price point simultaneously.

How? The only way to produce assembled or in kit, cutting edge musical instruments is to produce a lot of them. The same logic applies to all the parts.

And that's where you come in. We need your support to scale production.



Status: 10%


Limit: Nov 30, 2019


wound strings

Wound Strings
The acoustical characteristics of a string come from its materials (core and metal wound on it) and conditions (length and tension).

Each instrument needs several types of strings. And because we produce so many different instruments and some of them have alternate tunings, we really need a lot of types of strings.

Musicians want authenticity in the stringing to match the authenticity in their music, but many of the original types of strings are no more commercially available.

In many cases, the only way to develop a stringed musical instrument also implies to develop and produce the appropriate strings.



Status: 80%


Limit: Oct 30, 2019


baroque guitar

Baroque Guitar
The baroque guitar.



Status: 0%


Limit: Oct 30, 2019






Status: 0%








Status: 0%




How it Works

In this page we have summarized how we can develop this projects with your help.

Do you want us to start a new project?

Just contact and tell us your idea.

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